Season 7

Series 7 has been described at being a series of “movies” squeezed into forty five minutes, although The Snowmenwas sixty minutes. The first half is about the Doctor deleting himself from the universe to hide himself from the deadly Silence, who attempted to assassinate him in series 6 to stop him from answering the Question. During this time, the Doctor regularly visits Amy Pond and Rory Williams and also meets his grandfather-in-law Brian Williams. The Doctor meets his wife, River Song, in the final episode of the first half of the series, which involved the Weeping Angels who separated him from Amy and Rory forever.

1 Asylum of the Daleks Steven Moffat Nick Hurran Pond Life and Asylum of the Daleks Prequel Reappearance of the Daleks. First appearance of Clara Oswald.
2 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Chris Chibnall Saul Metzstein Reappearance of the Silurians. First appearance of Brian Williams.
3 A Town Called Mercy Toby Whithouse Saul Metzstein The Making of the Gunslinger
4 The Power of Three Chris Chibnall Douglas Mackinnon Reappearance of UNIT, Kate Stewart and Brian Williams.
5 The Angels Take Manhattan Steven Moffat Nick Hurran Reappearance of the Weeping Angels and River Song. Final appearances of Amy Pond and Rory Williams.
6 The Bells of Saint John Steven Moffat Colm McCarthy The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel Reappearance of the Great Intelligence and UNIT. Third introduction of Clara Oswald.
7 The Rings of Akhaten Neil Cross Farren Blackburn
8 Cold War Mark Gatiss Douglas Mackinnon Reintroduction of the Ice Warriors.
9 Hide Neil Cross Jamie Payne
10 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS Steve Thompson Mat King
11 The Crimson Horror Mark Gatiss Saul Metzstein Reappearance of Vastra, Strax and Jenny Flint.
12 Nightmare in Silver Neil Gaiman Stephen Woolfenden Reintroduction of the Mondasian Cybermen
13 The Name of the Doctor Steven Moffat Saul Metzstein She Said, He Said and Clarence and the Whispermen Reappearance of the Great Intelligence, River Song, Vastra, Strax and Jenny Flint. Introduction of the War Doctor.