Season 5

Shortly after the airing of the first episode, Matt Smith discussed the cracks in time and the mention of silence falling, telling the interviewer that they would be a key to the series story arc. He also mentioned that the crack might be one of five things that viewers needed to look out for throughout the series. The other four things remained unknown.

1 The Eleventh Hour Steven Moffat Adam Smith Introduction of Amy Pond and Rory Williams.
2 The Beast Below Steven Moffat Andrew Gunn First appearance of Liz Ten.
3 Victory of the Daleks Mark Gatiss Andrew Gunn Reappearance of the Daleks. First appearance of Winston Churchill.
4 & 5 Pt. 1: The Time of Angels
Pt. 2: Flesh and Stone
Steven Moffat Adam Smith Return of River Song & the Weeping Angels. First appearance of The Church.
6 The Vampires of Venice Toby Whithouse Jonny Campbell Rory joins the TARDIS crew.
7 Amy’s Choice Simon Nye Catherine Morshead Rory dies in a hallucination.
8 & 9 Pt. 1: The Hungry Earth
Pt. 2: Cold Blood
Chris Chibnall Ashley Way Reintroduction of the Silurians. Rory dies for the first time.
10 Vincent and the Doctor Richard Curtis Jonny Campbell First appearance of Vincent van Gogh.
11 The Lodger Gareth Roberts Catherine Morshead First appearance of Craig Owens and Sophie.
12 & 13 Pt. 1:The Pandorica Opens
Pt. 2: The Big Bang
Steven Moffat Toby Haynes Return of various enemies; Rory and River Song. Reappearance of Vincent van Gogh, Winston Churchill, and Liz Ten. Rory is brought back to life.