Season 3

Predominated by a story arc that dealt with the mystery of Harold Saxon, a British politician who turned out to bethe Master, the series also involved the return of Jack Harkness. Because Jack’s involvement in the series was narratively important to Torchwood, the series had a demonstrable impact on series 1 and series 2 of that sister programme.

1 Smith and Jones Russell T Davies Charles Palmer First appearance of Martha Jones, Tish Jones, Francine Jones, Leo Jones, Clive Jones and the Judoon.
2 The Shakespeare Code Gareth Roberts Charles Palmer First appearance of Elizabeth I; her hostility toward the Doctor stems from the events of The Day of the Doctor 30 years ago.
3 Gridlock Russell T Davies Richard Clark Reintroduction of the Macra and final appearance of the Face of Boe.
4 Pt. 1: Daleks in Manhattan
Pt. 2: Evolution of the Daleks
Helen Raynor James Strong Return of the Cult of Skaro.
5 The Lazarus Experiment Stephen Greenhorn Richard Clark Appearance of Tish Jones, Francine Jones and Leo Jones.
6 42 Chris Chibnall Graeme Harper Episode has the shortest title of any Doctor Who story to date broadcast in televisual format.
7 Pt. 1: Human Nature
Pt. 2: The Family of Blood
Paul Cornell Charles Palmer Introduction of the concept of the Chameleon Arch.
8 Blink Steven Moffat Hettie MacDonald First appearance of the Weeping Angels.
9 Pt. 1: Utopia
Pt. 2: The Sound of Drums
Pt. 3: Last of the Time Lords
Russell T Davies Graeme Harper (1)
Colin Teague (2, 3)
Reintroduction of the Master and Jack Harkness. Final regular appearance of Martha Jones.