Season 2

The main story arc for the season was the Torchwood Institute, referenced only twice previously, which served to lead up to the final episodes as well as the Torchwood spinoff series. A secondary arc dealt with the development of the love story between Rose and the Doctor. Series 2 saw the return of the Cybermen to television, and the return of companions Sarah Jane Smith and K9. Both were last seen (notwithstanding independent, fan-made productions) in1983; their successful return sparked the commissioning of a second spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, for CBBC. The series 2 finale saw the introduction of Donna Noble.

1 New Earth Russell T Davies James Hawes 1 Final appearance of Cassandra and reappearance of the Face of Boe.
2 Tooth and Claw Russell T Davies Euros Lyn 2 Founding of Torchwood.
3 School Reunion Toby Whithouse James Hawes 3 Reintroduction of Sarah Jane Smith. Final appearance of K9 Mark III and first appearance of Mark IV. Mickey Smith joins the TARDIS crew.
4 The Girl in the Fireplace Steven Moffat Euros Lyn 4 Introduction of Clockwork Droids
5 & 6 Pt. 1: Rise of the Cybermen
Pt. 2: The Age of Steel
Tom MacRae Graeme Harper 5 & 6 Reintroduction of the Cybermen (albeit a parallel version). Reappearance of Pete Tyler. Final regular appearance of Mickey Smith.
7 The Idiot’s Lantern Mark Gatiss Euros Lyn 7 First appearance of the recurring Magpie Electricals brand.
8 & 9 Pt. 1: The Impossible Planet
Pt. 2: The Satan Pit
Matt Jones James Strong 8 & 9 First appearance of the Ood.
10 Love & Monsters Russell T Davies Dan Zeff 10 First Doctor-lite episode.
11 Fear Her Matthew Graham Euros Lyn 11 First story of Doctor Who to prominently address the issue of child abuse.
12 & 13 Pt. 1: Army of Ghosts
Pt. 2: Doomsday
Russell T Davies Graeme Harper 12 &13 Reappearance of Mickey Smith and Pete Tyler. Reappearance of Cybermen and Daleks. Final regular appearances of Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler. Formal introduction of Torchwood. First appearances of the Cult of Skaro and Donna Noble.