Dr. Who Style

Have a fancy dress party coming up and feel the need to dress like the Doctor? Here’s what you need if you’re a guy or girl and want to look like the most stylish time lord at the party.


A Dr.Who inspired outfit isn’t just for Halloween. Pull it off just right and it can go under the radar all year round. With each Doctor giving their own spin on the look, building your own costume/outfit isn’t too hard unless you’re trying to be like the 6th Doctor and spend weeks crafting a multi-colourd jacket. So how can you look as suave as a Timelord and not break the bank? I’ve found some little style guide for the most popular options.

Let’s start with the easiest one shall we?

11th Doctor11th

This is arguably the easiest costume of the lot of re-create. As long as you have a fantastic mop of hair like Matt Smith, this outfit is almost too easy to pull off.

To make this look work you’ll need:

  • A reliable pair of boots
  • A check shirt you’d usually wear in work
  • A pair of brown or corduroy trousers (charity shops are full of these)
  • And a nice little bowtie

12th Doctor


A lot of the look for making yourself look like a credible time-lord involves using layers quite well. You’ll notice that the 12th & 10th doctors would have a shirt, waistcoat and long coat quite consistently s though they’re preparing for winter well in advance. The 12th Doctor’s outfit is actually quite a modern office look that is only offset by the jacket.

To make this look work you’ll need:

  • Chelsea Boots
  • Blue Blazer
  • Blue Waistcoat
  • White Oxford Shirt
  • Black slim trousers
  • A dashing red scarf

For anyone with a bit of patience, here’s a video that shows how you can line the inside of a jacket to get that rich red used in the Doctor’s:


10th Doctor


Surprisingly it’s much easier for a girl to dress as the 10th doctor and probably more convenient too (guys, you do not want to be at a sweaty house party having to wear a full suit and winter coat over it). To make this look work, all you’ll need are:

  • A colourful striped tie (so looking for your old school tie)
  • A royal blue denim or work shirt
  • A brown jacket
  • A beige overcoat (you can get one online quite cheap using Asos voucher codes)
  • White Converse

4th Doctor


Again, it’s much easier for girls to dress like Tom Baker simply because the colour pallete is more lilely to be something you’ll find in your wardrobe. For arguably the most well known look of all the Doctors, you will need:

  • Wine coloured blazer
  • Light checked shirt or waistcoat
  • Full brimmed hat
  • Nude coloured jeans

And don’t Forget!

You’ll of course need a reliable sonic screwdriver to complete the outfit. And unless you’re looking to take out a small loan on those custom made screwdrivers, you’re best bet is to look on Amazon.