What will Capaldi do?

The 13th Doctor – Peter Capaldi

For the 2005 reboot of the Doctor Who franchise we have only had young and generally happier/jokey Doctors. Between Tennant and Smith we have witnessed the wackiest and zaniest characters possibly. Don’t get me wrong they all have their dark times but as a general ruling the last 3 incarnations have been relatively upbeat and positive. This is where Capaldi comes in, known for his role on the UK “Thick of it” comdey/drama series as the grumpiest and most foul mouthed man on tv. Most famous for his long and ranting quotes, most of which I can not repeat here as they would most definitely offend some people and considering the age of Doctor Who’s audience compared to that of the “Thick of it” would certainly not be appropriate. I believe Capaldi will bring a new take to the Doctor, a much more serious and mature version. This makes sense given the recent events, i mean if i’d been through half the stuff the Doctor had i would also be pretty pissed off and moody. It is obvious we will be seeing a very different portrayal to previous years, but I for one welcome it. I look forward to seeing what Capalidi can do with Clara as his sidekick.

Here is a little teaser of Capaldi doing his thing (SPOILER ALERT):