Welcome to Watching Dr Who!



This site is dedicated to bringing you up to date content and entertainment based on the new series of the Doctor Who franchise. The series we will be focusing on are since the re-boot i.e. the 9th doctor (Eccleston) and onward. Do not fret though, we have not forgotten the Doctors roots and will occasionally be hoping in the TARDIS to go back and revisit where it all started.


On a weekly basis we will be running community competitions to see who is the most artistic or knowledgeable Whovian. So stay tuned for the chance to win something awesome. Prizes can range from exclusive access to Doctor Who footage or simply amazon gift cards so that you can go ahead and buy all the merch you could ever need.


Check out the blog to read our writers opinions of the latest episodes. They will be doing more than just reviewing episodes though, we guarantee plenty of fun and interesting concepts and top 10’s to keep you interested. One of our most popular being the “Which Doctor are you?” post.


So join us on an adventure through time and space, where we go is just as much a mystery as when we go…